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5 Fun Ways To Experience the Texas Countryside

By Sam Bocetta

Thereís no shortage of things to do in Texas, which means that any vacations or trips you take to the state are not going to be spent sitting or laying around, to say the least.

And if youíre more of an outside person especially, Texas can truly be the perfect travel destination.

Here are the top outdoor activities to do in Texas and the best places to do those activities at, presented in alphabetical order:

Grab Your Tent and Make Camp

Camping is arguably the most popular outdoor activity in Texas, and RV parks and campgrounds can be found in absolutely no shortage throughout the state.

One of the best camping locations is Ray Roberts Lake State Park, a 3,000-acre reservoir located to the north of Dallas. The area attracts thousands of visitors each year thanks to its lake access where you can boat or swim or ski, as well as several miles of hiking trails.

Another popular camping destination is Caprock Canyons State Park, which is notable for its vast diversity of wildlife including the Official Bison Herd of Texas that lives in over ten thousand acres of grassland.

Finally, if you prefer a camping trip by the sea, you can check out the Padre Island National Seashore where you can camp along the Gulf Coast on the beach.

Hit the Trail

Besides camping, hiking is also an incredibly fun activity to do in the Lonestar State. The Big Bend National Park is filled with a network of hiking trails and is also hundreds of miles away from the nearest big urban areas, and is located in the southern half of the state near the Rio Grande River.

Another great example of a place to visit for hiking in Texas will be the Boquillas Hot Springs, which is very accessible from the Hot Springs Road trailhead and also has a nearby campground.

Go Horseback Riding

If youíve never gone horseback riding before, Texas can be a great place to get started. The Copper Breaks State Park has nearly four miles of horse riding trails as well as a campsite designed specifically to accommodate horses.

If you want an even larger network of trails, you can visit the Brazos Bend State Park that has thirteen miles of trails made specifically for horseback riding, and likewise features a campground designed to accommodate horses as well. That being said, it should be noted that the campground at Brazos Bend State Park is far more primitive than the one is Copper Breaks State Park.

Take A Road Trip

Why not take a road trip throughout Texas?

After all, itís the biggest state in terms of land area in the Lower 48.

Specifically, you could go on a road trip on US-90 that will take through numerous small towns known for their excellent foot and unique culture and art scenes. If youíve never visited Texas before, youíll discover very quickly that each new town and city truly is distinct from the last one.

Another unique road trip would be the Abandoned Places road trip, which as the name suggests, takes you through some large ghost towns and other sizable abandoned areas as well, the most notable examples of which include the Fort Wolters Training Site and the Baker Hotel.

Go Target Shooting

Itís no secret that Texas has a very pro-gun culture. Whether you like shooting clay pigeons with shotguns, close range shooting with handguns, or tactical training with rifles such as the AR-15, you can do it all in Texas.

For example, you can visit the popular and successful Spring Guns & Ammo shooting range in Houston, which offers a number of different courses you can take from tactical shooting to advanced marksmanship.

Or, you can also visit the Champion Firearms range at College Station, where youíll have the benefit of having private shooting booths, sound dampening in the walls, a slew of smaller caliber rounds to reduce the noise.


Texas is simply a state meant for adventure. Every one of the above activities are very popular in the state, and now you know the best specific locations to do each of those activities in as well.

Sam Bocetta is a defense contractor the U.S. Navy, a defense analyst, and freelance journalist.

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